Sunday, January 16, 2011

Written in the Stars

Olivia's wearing: Bebe blazer, Forever 21 silk blouse, tribal band & earrings, Maxime vintage clutch, Buffalo denim, Roberto Vianni wedges

Boyu's wearing: Zara vest, Tommy Hilfiger shirt, Forever 21 skirt & bangles, Costa Blanca statement necklace, Heritage tights, Franco Sarto wedges, Milano chained purse

Menswear is everywhere: in magazines, on the red carpet and the runway. Even singers/models such as Rihanna and Victoria Beckham are wearing em'! Menswear is classic, sassy and playful! It totally gives a vibrant and different feel! We are inspired by it and have decided to try it out. Thus, we had to add a little of our own feminity touch to the ever-so-popular menswear look, just so that it wouldn't be too overpowering. B added a sweet blue vest to her skirt, while Liv threw on a structured blazer.
All in all, we say it was a handsome success. Showing a bit of masculinity is the perfect balance for the girly girl in all of us!
Happy New Year everyone!
B L I V B O O K: darling&diva
" To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don't worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest"


  1. I've been wearing men's jackets and shirts for years now. I love add some men's wear to an outfit.

  2. Love fellow Vancouver bloggers!

    Boyu has such great details on her outfit. That clear necklace balances everything out so seamlessly. Then all the black and blue makes for a wonderful colour palate.

    Then being a sucker for vintage, I'm loving the clean lines from Olivia's clutch.

    -- Rachael of

  3. Olivia, your outfit is very classic! Boyu, your outfit is very stylish! I love that the necklace is not powering the whole outfit - it is certainly is a balance!


  4. both outfits are so cute!!! i love the blazer and the vest!!

  5. lovely outfits!!amazing blazer!!

  6. I LOVE your blog, I'm following!