Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chasing the Winter Sun

We were wandering around town while doing our Christmas shopping as we stumbled upon this fabulous little field with the sun shining brightly. So, we had to document these gorgeous rays and our outfits-of-the-day!

Boyu's wearing: Banana Republic denim button-up, italian tights & chain belt, Siren's bandage skirt, Marciano handbag, Nine West over-the-knee leather boots


Olivia's wearing: Garage sheer long sleeve top, Forever 21 tank, H&M rocker-chic skirt & studded belt, HUE stripped tights, Coach poppy bangle, Aldo over-the-knee boots, KGB leopard bag

Santa honey, I wanna yacht and really that's not a lot, I've been an angel all year

Santa baby, come hurry down the chimney tonight

We both tend to hum this catchy tune to ourselves when it comes to the holidays and when Santa makes a return to the mall. But whew!
Hasn't life seemed a bit hectic these past weeks? We've both been running around trying to accomplish our long list of tasks to do for the holidays. As we were passing by a neighbourhood on our way to search for some cute wool scarves and precious chocolate samples downtown, we managed to stop and catch this glowing scene. The street was quiet, and the sun continued to shine down overhead. We missed blogging about some of our everyday outfits, so we decided it was a great time to share a few photos of days when we don't look picture perfect, just natural and happy. This mini-shoot was fun, especially since Boyu just purchased her new boots and was jumping between muddy puddles. That was entertaining to watch ;)

Hope you all enjoy this last weekend before Christmas turns its colourful, warming, and loving head our way!
B L I V B O O K: darling&diva
"in Whoville they say that the Grinch's small heart grew three sizes that day. And then - the true meaning of Christmas came through, and the Grinch found the strength of ten Grinches, plus two!"

Friday, December 3, 2010

Be an Eye-Catcher!

Boyu's wearing: BCBG dress, Expression high heels, Gift statement necklace, Juicy Couture & Blue Ruby bangles, Aldo ring, Friis Company mega clutch

"The market is full of statement necklaces right now, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one that suits you." It is absolutely true and we certainly agree! These days, you cannot go anywhere without owning a statement item in your closet. Whether it's earrings, bracelets, scarves, or boots, it is still considered a "statement piece" if it catches peoples' attention. Hence, on our "BLIV shopping list" hunting for unique accessories are certainly a must-do! As a matter of fact, we both paired our dresses with a statement piece: eye-catching necklaces. If you really want to be an attention-grabber in the crowd, then wear a statement piece.

Here's a helpful hint: be careful with what you combine it with, and try to make it the only statement in your outfit and goodluck! ;)


*Tada! this is us at our Winter Formal event (Known as Homecoming in the States) and of course, we are in our "Dynamic Duo" pose ;)
B L I V B O O K: darling&diva

"When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it’s not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end."